Can I still register my child after the program start date?

Yes. We have no issue with pro-rating the program fees based on when the Keeper will be attending. Here is how our pro-rated system works:

Attendance of 14+ of the 18 weeks available — there will be NO┬ádiscounted rate.

Attendance of 9 to 13 of the weeks — % attended plus a $75 surcharge. ie: if you make 13 out of 18 weeks that is 72% attendance. 72% of $499 is $359 + surcharge of $75 = $434.

Attendance of 5 to 8 of the weeks — % attended plus a $100 surcharge.

Attendance of 1 to 4 weeks results in a session to session charge of $50 a session.

What should my child be wearing to training?

We provide our Keepers with AKA training tops that must be worn to every session! We recommend, especially those who are new to the position, to wear long sleeves and long pants. We understand this is challenging in the hot summer months but we do a lot of diving and we want our keepers to be protected. Proper footwear and gloves are necessary. Shin pads are not. Please ensure your child has the proper wind and water protection during inclement weather.

If I sign my child up for the program, do we always have to come on the same night?

No, you can attend on any given night. One of the main benefits of our program is the flexibility we provide our Keepers. We understand the demanding schedules placed on athletes these days so we try and offer training for when works best for them.

How will we know a session is cancelled?

Sessions will rarely, if ever, be cancelled. Therefore, please prepare to train regardless of the weather conditions. The only conditions that would stop us from training are heavy snow and lightening. In the case of either of these occurrences, Trainers will provide a cancellation notification using Team Snap and email 1 hour prior to the scheduled training sessions. If a Team Snap notification or email is not sent out then training is a go!

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