Absolute Keeper Academy Welcomes You

We here at AKA believe that all children, whether taking an interest in the position for the first time and playing it on occasion to those who have made a move to the position permanently, should be provided with access to specialized Keeper training.

After being around the game in Alberta for many years Coaches Michal and JP have identified the issues many Keepers have during their development. Simply put, they often do not receive the proper training, attention and guidance. Many Keepers will agree that much of their training has come in the form of standing in goal during team sessions and facing balls being fired into them.

AKA has developed a program that enables Keepers to receive the same amount of training and attention that outfield players are often provided through their clubs in the form of team practices and academy sessions.



Dedicated training and focus on the position is vital for Keeper development. The margin of error for Keepers is small and this enforces the importance of repetition, attention to detail, and a fundamental understanding of the position — all facets of a Keepers game that we develop at AKA.

AKA is unique in that it offers training from two coaches at all times. One Senior Trainer and one Junior Trainer will be present at all sessions. This allows each Keeper to receive an increase in repetition as well as greater attention from the coaches. Having two trainers present at each session speaks to AKA’s Philosophy of maintaining a Low Ratio Training environment. We believe the fewer players per coach, the more optimal the training for each Keeper.


Coaches Michal and JP first met back in 2005 when JP was playing abroad with FV Dresden Nord. Michal’s Calgary based U14 team spent time in Germany attending a professional training camp where JP was playing.

JP and Michal would not stay in contact for almost a decade. Michal ended his professional soccer career overseas and as fate would have it eventually ended up back in Calgary coaching at the same club as JP.

It was not long after having spent time working with one another, where they shared their playing experiences along with their knowledge of the game, that they decided to make change in the Calgary soccer scene.




The coaches immediately identified an opportunity to provide top level keeper-specific training in Calgary and to make it accessible to everyone regardless of their age or competitive level. Having experience playing at some of the highest levels, and following their passion for the game and their ambition to provide services that were not made available in Calgary when they were growing up, Coaches JP and Michal founded the Absolute Keeper Academy in the spring of 2015.

To date Coaches JP and Michal have helped a vast number of Keepers reach their goals. Be it making the Alberta Provincial Team, or receive trials in Europe, or get identified for the Canadian National Team, or receive University scholarships in the USA and Canada. Big or small, AKA has been there to help it’s Keepers reach their goals.




I want to offer something new and exciting to the keepers of Calgary. I want to emulate a professional goalkeeper environment designed to make you the very best you can be. Drawing on my Professional and International experiences, I am here to extend my collected knowledge to you.





Using the knowledge I received from my time spent playing abroad, I aim to provide an authentic training environment and experience, similar to what is being done at the various professional development levels. The training methods that I use are a combination of approaches and techniques that in my experience I have found to be most effective. As I always say, no two keepers are alike, therefore, pick and choose the proper techniques you feel are most suited to your game!

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